Cruxzen Technologies: Empowering Food Processing And Exporting Businesses With Effective ERP Solution

CIO Vendor As one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world today, Food and Beverage industry has a crucial need for a robust ERP solution which can effectively adapt to the ever-changing needs of small and medium-sized businesses in this domain. ERP system can prove to be a game changer in improving all the parameters in food processing business - Raw material tractability, yield of raw material to finish product, costing report, optimal plant usage, accurate stock inventory and distribution, which further improves operational performance, effectiveness and productivity, enhancing company’s competitiveness in the marketplace. There-fore, in-order to control all business processes to maximize productivity and profitability, companies have to hand-pick a right partner which can deliver an enhanced, scalable, and flexible ERP System, so as to meet all the critical functional requirements of one’s business.

Befitting all the aforementioned key parameters with strong domain knowledge and technical expertise, Cruxzen Technologies, based in Pune, has been delivering an affordable, custom fit on-premise and cloud-based ERP Software to help businesses standout in today’s food processing and exporting business. “We have minimum implementation cycle, i.e. a medium scale pro cessing plant can implement solution in just 5 working days. And with a cloud subscription, a company can increase and decrease the number of users easily with minimal installation cost as there is no need to buy software licenses or centralized computer equipment. Moreover, all this comes in a pay-as-you-use pricing,” adds Manoj Patil, Director at Cruxzen.

Easily Adaptable Solutions
Cruxzen Technologies offers a Unify Software solution which can adapt to any company’s requirement irrespective of its size or type, enabling end to end traceability and perfect control on quality of raw material and finished goods. It ensures that accurate data is obtained per lot with yield, quality
and cost; allowing data accessibility from anywhere to maintain control on business. It is user friendly and easy to install with no need of capital investments. The solution also helps in maintaining product safety with secure production data, while managing staff productivity and inventory, and on line information of in-house present stock and stock value.

We aspire to deliver the best collaborative platform for a connected food processing ecosystem. Our partner companies have seen more than 40% increase of productivity of their production, inventory and accounts departments

Reliable Software Enabling Operational Efficiency in Sea Food Industry
Cruxzen Technologies designs and develops reliable software which efficiently caters to the business’ needs of the companies: Unify PU - Scalable software providing end to end process implementation along with process notifications and reporting; Unify Ex - An export management and payment realization system, including digitization of statutory documents and regulatory compliance; Unify U - Aids plant manager to monitor and control activities, Human Resources Management, Administration, Consumable inventory, Ice plant, visitor's gate pass system, etc; Unify GO - Generates all reports at one’s fingertips, such as daily finished goods report, inventory aging report, product report, pre-process/process yield report, batch wise resource utilization report; Unify W - A weighment Mobile / Tab application which helps user register weighment to reduce time and increase efficiency and data predictability.

“We aspire to deliver the best collaborative platform for a connected food processing ecosystem. Our partner companies have seen more than 40 % increase of productivity of their production, inventory and accounts departments,” concludes Manoj Patil.