Samath Global Food Consultants: Empowering Food Startups And Small & Medium Scale Food Businesses

CIO Vendor The Food & Beverages industry in India has transformed largely owing to factors such as changing consumer behaviour, technological innovations and government regulations in the last five years. "Furthermore, the impact of COVID -19 pandemic has led to an upsurge in demand for healthy food products, which has made professionals or individuals from various backgrounds turn into food entrepreneurs," says Sameera Nayani, Managing Director, Samath Global Food Consultants. "This has created a myriad of opportunities in the food consultancy industry, where consultants play a major role in guiding them in creating the right product with efficient processing techniques and low investment," she adds.

Even the well-established food brands today are hiring food consultants to formulate and develop new products by leveraging the consultant's knowledge and expertise in order to provide superior and integrated solutions to their food businesses. Amplifying its extensive experience in the food processing sector, Hyderabad-based Samath Global Food Consultants offers professional advisory services and food consulting services to clients in India.

Working with food startups and established food business entrepreneurs, the company offers a wide range of services in this landscape, including new food product development, food testing services, shelf-life studies of the food products, detailed project reports, feasibility studies, assisting clients in applying for FSSAI license, conducting brainstorming sessions for startups, offering platforms for graduate & postgraduate students to conduct their academic projects and technical services such as equipment specifications, plant design and scale-up.

"We practice what we preach. We have achieved sustainable growth through hard work, great ideas, and superior execution. The trust of our clients, effective communication, project completions within the stipulated period, and innovative solutions in the commercial-scale are the major factors that have helped us in maintaining long-term customer relationships," affirms R.G.Math, Retired Scientist from CSIR - Central Food Technological Research Institute and Technical Advisor for the company.

New Product Development & Technical Advisory Services
The services which make Samath Global stand-out from the crowd includes the customization and confidentiality of the technologies that the company provides to their clients. Right from concept ideation to commercial implementation, the company
guides in establishing a profitable food business and also by providing integrated solutions and contract research options for the already established food enterprises.

The Samath Global team comprises professionals who have expertise in various food sectors such as food engineering, equipment design, fruits & vegetable technology, baking technology, cereal & pulses technology, beverages technology and millets processing technology. With the brand reputation as its key resource, Samath Global's major revenue streams include new product development, design of equipment and technical advisory services. The company generated a revenue of more than Rs.1 million in a single year and has observed a 30 percent revenue growth by the end of this quarter.

The Way Ahead
"Currently, we are working on startup projects, industry-sponsored projects, and collaborative & academic projects. We have successfully conducted more than 10 brainstorming sessions and completed four industrial and research projects over the past year. Our vision is to introduce novel food processing techniques in the food sector at the international level," says Vishalakshi, the Founder & Director of the company

The services which make samath global stand-out from the crowd includes the customization and confidentiality of the technologies that the company provides to their clients

Moving ahead, Samath Global is planning to establish a training centre for food-based startup companies by providing hands-on training on low-cost novel food product development applications. As one of its long-term plans, the company is planning to expand globally and offer services and implement its novel food processing technologies on international platforms.